• Audra Oakes

You Are What You Give Your Attention To

We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”! There is much truth to this phrase but what if it’s more involved than that? What is our entire diet consisting of?

Most of us are born with the 5 main senses intact. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. Neurologist and other scientist list as many as 21 senses but for the purpose of this chapter we will focus on the five traditional senses listed above.

Senses are defined as our body’s faculties to perceive external stimuli from the environment. The environments in which we live are made of various elements that our senses pick up and send to our brains for processing to establish meaning. With our sense of sight we can see the good and bad, beauty, ugliness and the decay of this world. With our sense of hearing, we can perceive sound, melody, symphonies, encouragement, motivation or audio abuse.

With the sense of smell we can experience the fragrance of a flower, smell that new car smell and the sweet scent a newborn baby gives off. We can also smell pollution and decay. With our sense of taste we savor spices, sweets, savories, or our lovers kiss. We feel physical sensations of touch with our sense of feeling, whether comforting or intrusive.

When you realise that your entire diet consisted of everything that your senses perceive then you understand that the phrase, "you are what you eat" is better said this way. You are the sum of your perception or in other words, you are what you think.

What does your diet consist of? What are you watching, listening to, smelling, tasting and allowing yourself to feel? Is it positive or negative? Is it uplifting or depressing? In other words, do you have a healthy sensory diet? Now that you know you are not only the sum of what you eat but all you perceive with your senses, how does this make you feel? What changes to your sensory diet do you need to make to be holistically healthy?

Here is a helpful suggestion. Forgetting external factors, focus on what you already have. Take stock. Count your blessings. Name them one at a time. How many working sensory faculties do you have? Be grateful for them. Do you have a place to live? Be grateful for it. Do you have food to eat and do you have a choice of what you can eat? Be grateful. I think you get my drift.😁 Have an attitude of gratitude because gratitude is the right attitude!

Exercise: Take 10!

This is an exercise in gratitude. In this exercise I want you to focus on your blessings. What are your strengths, gifts, abilities and what do you have access to that you are grateful for? These things don’t have to be grand. In fact, the smaller and more basic the blessing, the better. This exercise is the most important part of this chapter and it rests on you.

Write for as long as you like.

Be thorough! What do you have? What can you see, smell, feel, hear and taste?

Follow the instructions below in sequence.

1. Count your blessings: What do you have in your possession? What gifts, abilities, toys and connections do you have access too!? Write it down.

2. Take time to appreciate each blessing within their imperfect nature.

3. Consider the source of these blessings. Is your source God, the universe, your partner, parents, friends, etc? Consider the love, care, thought and consideration for your life that caused these blessings to be granted to you.

4. Be grateful. Bask in this light and sense of favour. You are loved and valuable. You are light and you are beautiful. Take hold of that knowledge as often as possible until it is entrained within your subconscious and becomes your nature.

5. Repeat. Do this a few times daily! Do this when You awake. Make the time to experience this blessing.

6. Choose what you give your attention and focus to. This will ultimately create the world you will live in and how you will impact others. Read and listen to those things that feed your mind and soul and flood you with courage, light and positivity!

7. Most importantly, decide daily to love yourself. Let your language of yourself be of love. Interrupt the thoughts that are ugly towards yourself and your circumstances and speak what you want to see. Never stop doing this.

8. Repeat every single day and share the love!

One love,



©2018 by Audra Oakes