• Audra Oakes

What we can learn from sorrow.

It is said, "in every cloud, there is a silver lining"! My life has been a series of clouds. Some have been unavoidable while others were simply my destiny to experience. But the ones that have created the most sorrow within my heart are the ones that were self inflicted.

I grew up in a world that was chaotic and undefined. I struggled with my identity and more, to find the meaning to life. Why had I been born? Why was sorrow my closest companion? Just, why? Ecclesiastes is a book of the Bible that pours out sorrow and questions to the universe that seem to sum up in one big question. Why am I here?

I would love to tell you that sorrow is no longer my constant companion, but that would be a lie. What I have understood from this sorrow I believe to be of greater value. I know who I am now. I know my purpose and as you read my posts, my books and other publications, maybe you will discover why you are, too.

Life is a river. It bends and sometimes it rushes over the rocks, crashing your dreams and drowns your ego. Sometimes your dreams float down the stream as you enjoy the flow that the universe has so blessedly allowed you to be a part of. Either way, the river flows. Certainty, security, earthly love and success in this realm are an illusion because everything is movable on the river of life.

So what is the point of life? I suggest it is to be a part of the whole! Rivers flow into the sea. There they merge with millions and billions of other rivers and streams who have traveled in so many different ways and from so many different places to be a part of the whole. In the whole, we are defined. Our function and purpose are revealed and this is why a life lived for self and in isolation from others is a wasted life unless, you are working on devices that would benefit the whole.

So this is my purpose and function in life. To take the hand of my constant companion sorrow, and walk daily in the direction that leads me to the whole, the union of the universe. Let sorrow guide you. Don't reject or deny its work. Let it be. Keep walking everyday.

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