• Audra Oakes

Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective

I write a fair bit about identity. The reason I do is simple. Your identity dictates your perspective! Our perspective of life, ourselves and others basically controls our thoughts and actions and therefore, our lives and the lives of those within our reach.

Here is an example from my own life. From a place of depression, lack and trauma, I saw myself as someone without the ability to be a blessing, positive contributor and a help to anybody, including myself. I was trapped in a cycle of negatively impacting actions because my perspective of self was shaped by others with the wrong perspective of themselves and the world. My identity was continuously questioned and there was never a memorable positive perspective within my dark days.

I learned to retreat. I hid within myself and felt cornered when attention was fixed on me. I would lash out or freeze up. My life grew less and less meaningful and depression took a hold on me. But change was on its way through a beautiful and yet, traumatic event which caused me to redefine my identity. Every premise I had been working from in the past no longer held water. That ship sank hard! Did I panic? Hell yes! Now I had to identify myself truthfully and with maturity. Sure there has been some bumps along the road in this process but, my perspective slowly changed and finally, I had the positive perspective needed that fueled my good thoughts and actions. My life was changed for the better. My identity was set and my perspective changed to allow me to see things in a new, refreshing, more truthful light.

How can you shake up your life?

  • Change your perspective by identifying who you are!

  • Know your worth and value.

  • Understand your duty of care to yourself and to the others around you!

  • Surround yourself with like minded individuals who will encourage you to learn, love and grow.

  • Understand your gifts, talents and inclination and use them for the benefit of yourself and your community.

  • Listen to your intuition and tell the negative self talk voice to shut the hell up!

You were born to enjoy freedom. The freedom to be yourself. The right to know yourself and the honor to share that with the world.

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©2018 by Audra Oakes