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Plan For Maximum Success!

You deserve success, love, joy, peace and to realise your dream life.

How does this statement make you feel? Here is a surprise for you. Before I began to follow this plan, I did not believe it. I had never bothered to clearly define my goals by identifying them and writing them down. I chose not to even try to. I did not feel like I deserved them.

I had allowed my circumstances, past and failures to define me. I was chained to “What ifs” and “if only”. I lived in regret of the past and constant fear of the future. I was depressed, anxious, fearful and a drag to be around!

I don’t really remember what the defining moment was that set me free from this circuit of negativity and regret but I know it was due to my Faith and KNOWNG that I was loved, accepted and made to be no one else but me. I forgive my past and allowed myself to let go of the hurt I and others had done to me.

This in turn enabled me to become kinder to myself and to others. It was as though an invisible hand of love was buffing the sharp edges of my being. I softened up, laughed more, loved more, hoped more and yes, cried more. The process was not over but this was the beginning for me. I had come out of trauma and pain which I wrote about in “My Red Sea: Journey From War To Peace” http://a.co/d/dTQpya4 and now, I felt like my life had begun again. It was a good but vulnerable feeling.

Here I was, older and past the date where many make the goals I had yet to make but with this realisation came a new determination because I WAS ALIVE! One of the biggest drawbacks in my life had been caring what others thought of me. When I became convinced of the fact that it was a blessing that I was still alive after all I had endured, I decided that I would never again let the fear of what others thought of me paralyse my progress. I did not care anymore if I looked stupid because now what seemed stupid to me was caring about what others thought, to the point where I missed chances, wasted my God given talents and let go of my purpose in life!

I decided not to let my age, my past failures or the fear that I would never arrive at my goals, deter me from what I truly wanted. To live my life with Maximum passion, purpose and be all I am intended to be. I now believed I DESERVED a good life! I began to imagine and define life changing goals. This decision would greatly change my life for the better and I have never ever regretted doing so and never will!

This process I was in allowed me to discover other lies that had long held me captive. I felt guilty for wanting success! Somewhere deep inside, a religious mindset that made success a negative desire had been planted in my childhood! Once I discovered my guilt over wanting financial, relational and overall success in life, I was then faced with a choice. I could continue believing this lie and continue to produce a life that was disappointing and frankly, below me, or I could kick that lie in the teeth, find out what my true “Why” was for success and press delete on this old, ugly, limiting belief that was part of my old religious mindset and programming that had no teeth when brought to the light of my Faith.

It is my birthright to succeed and to be a champion! That is who I am, what I deserve and what I choose. I had found my passion and my purpose!

Here is your opportunity to do the same. You may not have the barriers and lies affecting you the way it affected me. That is massive leverage for you! Use it! Be bold and start your journey now!

Exercise: Take 10!

Each episode of the “Plan For Maximum Success” course will be at least 15 minutes to read and do the exercise. The exercise is the most important part of this chapter and it rests on you.

Write for as long as you like. I have given you 10 minutes but take more time if you can. You could label each section, “Personal, Career & Business, Finances, Giving Back”, etc.

Personal wants may include your health, wellness and relational goals. Your Financial wants may include creating a budget, hiring a financial advisor or a debt resolution centre and your “Giving Back” section could include how you hope to impact your community and those in need.

My notes are only a suggestion on how you can do this exercise. My advice is answer it the way you want to, be thorough and as extensive as you can be and remember to get your hopes way up! This course is about hope, faith, positivity and attracting the things you focus on! Focus on the possibility of a life of abundance, peace and maximum success! Picture your ultimates, no barriers, no limits and write that down!

 Follow the instructions below in sequence.

1. Tools: Grab a pen and a notebook or sheet of paper.

2. Topic: Write this heading. “What Do I Want”? Make sure to consider all aspects of your life and what you want in each area.

3. Action: Under this heading, answer the question for yourself! These are your #GOALS

4. Honesty: Be real and be true with yourself.

5. Review: Go back and read what you have written. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up. Clarify and edit if you have to.

6. Prioritise: Now number your goals according to their importance. “1” being immediately, “2” being within the next 3-6 months, “3” being within the next year, “4” being within the next 1-3 years and “5” for more long term goals!

7. Share: Let me know how you went! How did it feel? Share what you learned and help others with the journey. Send me an email or post a comment in our online community!

Now you know your goals!

If you have any questions, or feedback on this episode, please contact me at info@audraoakes.com.au and I will respond to you as soon as possible!

Your future is being written now. Make it an abundantly satisfying one!

One Love,


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