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How Vegan Are You?

Tips and Tricks!

Michelle Udy 30th Aug 2019

I’m almost vegan. You might be 100%, 0%, vegan curious, trying meat-free Mondays or even just a wee bit more vegan than you were yesterday 😊. What’s important is that you’re open to the “single biggest way” to reduce your impact on the planet according to the University of Oxford. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/may/31/avoiding-meat-and-dairy-is-single-biggest-way-to-reduce-your-impact-on-earth Btw, no. 2 is ditching your car! The environmental, health and ethical benefits of going vegan are indisputable. Industrially farmed animals have an appalling quality of life and are pumped full of antibiotics, which may even be harming humans. Many processed meats are risky for human health. So, I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to make veganism more doable, even if it’s only one day per week!

1. Do you jump straight in 100% or slowly do the switcharoo? I don’t think it matters, whatever works for you. If you are going cold tofu, there are loads of products appearing to help you, even in mainstream supermarkets. Woolworths is the current leader for vegan cheese! https://www.google.com/search?q=woolworths+vegan+cheese&safe=strict&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjTk6yopbPkAhVo_XMBHYdBA6kQsxgIMA&biw=1280&bih=694 If you live anywhere near me – Daisy Hill IGA is also the bomb digity for all things vegan (and gluten free)!!! https://www.ritchies.com.au/location/daisy-hill If you’re after inspiration, to give up eating carcasses at a faster pace, here are some great links, pretty much all guaranteed to create vegans fast!!! Watch Dominion : www.WatchDominion.com Watch Dairy is Scary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcN7SGGoCNI Watch 100 Reasons to go vegan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnQb58BoBQw&t=1s

2. Dealing with the haters! Kill them with kindness I say… and delicious food! Although feeding them vegan will help them live longer, we’re only killing the hate! Empathy usually helps “I never thought I’d go vegan either, until I found out… (insert fact from movie in 1. above)!!! Now I’m loving it!” Here’s my fb group for amazing mostly vegan, gluten free, sugar and artificial sweetener free recipes https://www.facebook.com/groups/wellwithmichelle/ or you could go hard and join us on a 30 day challenge – 30 days of fully vegan, gluten free, alkalising, inflammation reversing recipes, detoxifying, gut health improving tips and tricks… message me for info on this one! https://www.facebook.com/michelle.udy.home I can even send you some awesome vegan samples to try!

3. Are you getting enough protein? Yes, you probably are! It seems to be the only time people care about how much protein you’re getting, when you announce a little veganism! Protein deficiency is super rare in the Western World, so you’re probably OK! Vegan protein powder is often higher quality and more absorbable than other sources. If you’re after the best vegan protein powder you can buy some here… https://www.arbonne.com/pws/RickieBurt/store/AMAU/Catalog/ProductSearch.aspx?filter=&search=protein Plus, if you live near me, Brisabne, Logan, Gold Coast I do 20% off for locals, if not, you can still get 20% off by spending about $180 AUD or $200 NZD – you will then also receive a free gift and free postage – what? Awesome deal! This is the best protein because of the taste – delicious!, think cookie dough and brownie batter, but also because of this company’s commitment to leaving out the nasties, no toxins, no artificial sweeteners, no processed sugar, just real squished foods, methylated vitamins… huge topic read more about it here… WholeFood Live https://www.facebook.com/michelle.udy.home/videos/10157263520955522/

Why You Need Folate and Not Folic Acid https://www.facebook.com/michelle.udy.home/posts/10157256564960522

Folic Acid Supplements Are Useless and Harmful https://www.facebook.com/michelle.udy.home/posts/10157256619420522

4. More on vitamins... vitamin and mineral deficiencies are actually really common vegan or not. More on that here… https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/7-common-nutrient-deficiencies#section8 Some vitamins like B12 are provided by meat, fish and eggs, however a healthy gut microbiome can also provide this on a vegan diet as can Nori seaweed! If you’re worried about calcium, don’t be! Leafy greens are a great source of calcium and phytonutrients. Iron – you’ll be fine, especially if your B vitamins are methylated/wholefood (see 3.) Here are some plant based sources of iron… legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, tomato sauce, green vegetables, blackstrap molasses and prune juice. Or you can look at a whole food/methylated multi vitamin and mineral, which most people can benefit from, not just vegans. This is the one I recommend… https://www.arbonne.com/pws/RickieBurt/store/AMAU/Catalog/ProductSearch.aspx?filter=&search=whole+food Here’s a great alkalising greens with mega phytonutrients, not too overpowering either… https://www.arbonne.com/pws/RickieBurt/store/AMAU/Catalog/ProductSearch.aspx?filter=&search=greens

5. Is veganism expensive? Um, nope! Veganism is super affordable! You’re looking for fruit, vegetables, lentils, beans, wholegrains, nuts and seeds! Carrots are cheap! Brown rice cakes are cheap! Lentils are cheap! If you buy processed foods with “vegan” labels, then you might spend more, but most vegan foods are well under the prices of meat, dairy and eggs – as they should be. The cost of raising a living being and slaughtering it is high, not just economically! Here are some resources… https://www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk/budget https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/budget-vegan

6. Can I still go to my friend’s houses for dinner? Of course! Well, as long as they know you’re vegan and they’re nice friends who will accommodate! You can always bring a delicious plant based offering – they might join you one day! Communicate and all will be OK!

7. Meat cravings! What if you have a little urge to eat the animal-based stuff? It can be hard to break old habits! You might have gone years or decades relishing the smells, flavours and textures of meat, dairy and eggs. The good news is, there are plenty of really good substitutes out there if this happens. If you do decide to give in the craving, who cares? Jump back on the plant based train when you can! Perfectionism ruins lives people!!! Just get back to your goals asap. Here are some more ideas… https://www.animalsaustralia.org/features/meaty-vegan-recipes.php

If chocolate’s your thing, check this out… https://www.peta.org.au/living/the-best-vegan-chocolate-fixes-at-your-local-supermarket/?gclid=CjwKCAjwnrjrBRAMEiwAXsCc40exySHPZiir32BB6pNOm7vJL7o2N5zkCa6BmMIWXlPgOw3PTmAlRhoCC00QAvD_BwE

8. I don’t really like eating vegetables, so I can’t go vegan! Haha! Good luck staying alive! Vegan or not, you should be adding vegetables to your diet! Here’s a practical tip; start by eating foods you like, but replace the meat with a plant based option! For example, mince in a Shephard’s Pie can be replaced by lentils. You may not even notice the difference! Here’s another easy switch… Vegan “Cheese” Sauce – it’s awesome and so versatile, sour cream, mac ‘n’ cheese, lasagne… https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157306338850522&substory_index=0&id=739580521

If you really can’t do veges, puree some and chuck them in your shake or pasta sauce, or get into this product with a quirt of lemon juice it tastes great… https://www.arbonne.com/pws/RickieBurt/store/AMAU/Catalog/ProductSearch.aspx?filter=&search=greens

9. Is it hard to maintain a healthy weight on a vegan diet? No! There are loads of “accidentally vegan” foods around. Being vegan isn’t really restrictive, you can still eat potato chips, lollies, biscuits… but should you??? If you like healthier, more raw vegan treats, this is the group for you… https://www.facebook.com/groups/wellwithmichelle/

10. There’s no vegan food where I live, how can I keep my diet interesting and varied? Don’t worry, it’s coming! Wherever you live vegan foods are on the rise! You can also grow your own – get gardening! Here’s a resource that gives standard supermarket foods that are “accidentally vegan”… https://www.instagram.com/accidentallyveganuk/?hl=en

11. What about my non vegan partner? Well, you don’t have to eat the same exact thing! If your partner is happy eating meat for now, just find ways to add meat on the side or at the last minute. It sure doesn’t have to affect your relationship. My meat eater and I have been together for nearly 20 years, I was vegetarian, now I’m almost vegan. Here are some of the easiest meals to add meat to last minute… Fried rice/stir fry (just add eggs or meat to an already delicious and protein filled dish), macaroni “cheese” (you can add bacon at the end), wraps/burgers/kebabs (I have falafel, they have chicken, but all the toppings and bread are the same).

12. Is it safe for my kids to be vegan? Yes, there are lots of healthy vegan kids. Mine might be a bit more vegan than average, but they do eat some meat (see baby daddy diet in 11. – He eats meat!). If you want totally vegan kids, here’s a great place to check… https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/nutrition-and-health/life-stages

If you’re after some help going a bit more vegan, contact me here… rickie.mitch@yahoo.com – I’d love to help! I’m a part time/casual high school teacher who used to be a personal trainer. My passions are low tox life, methylation and fertility help and veganism! I also love to help people create extra income, feel free to ask me about that too! You can follow me here: https://www.facebook.com/michelle.udy.home or here: https://www.instagram.com/udymichelle/ or join my healthy life hacks group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wellwithmichelle/

Have an awesome day! 😊


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