• Audra Oakes

Define Your Goals & Succeed!

I don’t mince words. I am privileged to put my words out into the world so I work on making them good. My words create realities and perceptions that can help or harm myself and others. I take this power seriously and I take ownership and responsibility for what I allow to leave my lips or post into a public forum. To this end, my blog is all about motivating you to define your goals, focus your resources to that end and enjoy the journey, while becoming refreshed and renewed in your thinking and attitudes! Changing negative, energy sapping perceptions, mind sets and attitudes into positive, invigorating and uplifting mindsets and attitudes is what I am all about. I fight my battle daily to live by this! Simply put, what we choose to focus on will direct the course of our lives! The question is, “what do you want your life to be”?

Our six senses are where we take into our being and existence our diet for each day! Our body, minds, soul and spirit needs nourishment daily! We become what we focus on every day and what we focus on becomes ingrained in your subconscious and controls our choices and decision making process which determines what we put out into the world. I have chosen to stay away from negativity of every kind and fear inducing language. Here is one an example of what I have chosen to reject. Almost all advertisements!

Advertisement is an essential business practice and is necessary to bring awareness of what a business products and services are. A good business is one that solves the needs of it’s target market effectively and adds value to society by way of creating jobs, income, social security and convenience for its clients, and advertising greatly helps this process. When advertising becomes all about fear tactics, bombardment and planting negative, subliminal messages relating to an individual’s core perception of self and values, I detest it.

Fear tactics are widely used in many advertising campaigns and I believe it demonstrates that a business does not have the best interest of the end user in mind. Fear as a motivation is very rarely used for the benefit of the one on the receiving end. “buy this now or...”! Get your flu vaccine now or else...”, “Do this, or else”! yada, yada. There are many scientifically proven studies that show the extreme negative impact fear, stress and negativity has on one’s health. Why are these studies conveniently ignored with most advertisers? The answer is simple. YOU aren’t really the one who is benefiting from the product or service, therefore the question arises, “why should I focus on and allow my mindset to be conditioned by something that is not in my best interest”?

There are products and services out there that need no introduction. I have a weakness for German engineered cars simply because they do what they are supposed to and I am not averse to luxury itself. I am averse to the idea that luxury somehow makes me more than, better than or happy! That’s a lie. What is true is, I have a passion for anyone and anything that carries out its purpose and function as it is supposed to and who is reliable and trustworthy! Who doesn’t? It’s about the integrity of the business, brand or person. This is what I look for when I choose what I buy, who I listen to and whose opinions matter most! This is why I define my goals daily, realign to my purpose with my passion intact so I can focus, plan and succeed! This process makes my needs clear. I only need what gives leverage to my goals and purpose!

When we choose what we consume with our senses, be it sight, smell, sound, feeling or emotion, we take the power back to seek only what we need which aligned with our goals. We don’t need to keep up with the Joneses! We do not have to live up to society’s perception and standard of what is right for us. We can choose to be free of that. If you want something for you because it is in line with your goals, passion and heart, go for it! Choose to disallow the perceptions of others, their opinions and expectations to create unnecessary and artificial wants, demands on yourself and ultimately, stress!

Here is the process that has brought me peace, clarity, satisfaction and success!

Define. What do you want?

Focus. Eliminate distractions

Plan. What are your tools?

Action. Just Do It!

Succeed. Time to Party!

Repeat! Begin again!

Take some time today to evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Is what you’re doing and currently involved in lining up with your goals, passion and purpose? If not, take the time to follow the process above. You are worth the joy, satisfaction and success of accomplishing your purpose and loving your journey.

Have a Happy Sunday of defining your goals and planning for success!


©2018 by Audra Oakes