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Welcome to the "Ask Audra" section of my blog where I answer your questions about life, love, sex, faith, finances and much more! Ask me anything!

My name is Audra. I am a mother of two, Self Published Author of 2 books, Blogger, Networker and Entrepreneur. I am also a Personal Stylist and backing vocalist however my greatest love is helping people achieve success by motivating and empowering them through my books and blog!

I am looking forward to chatting with you and answering all your questions! I will also be inviting professionals in the next few weeks who can give you answers to the questions you seek! If you would like your questions to be anonymous or private, please email me at info@audraoakes.com.au

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Remember, you must grow beyond the capacity of your current challenges to become the winner you were born to be! It is your birthright!

We look forward to sharing this amazing, life changing journey with you!

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